Electric coolers

Electric Coolers – The New Refrigerators

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With the new Electric Coolers, the days of storing your drinks in a cooler or tossing ice over them to keep them cool may be a thing of the past, or of the past already. Thanks to technological improvements, coolers have transformed through multiple phases from wooden to plastic to rotomolded and now, electric coolers.

Electric coolers
Electric Coolers

Electric coolers work like conventional refrigerators. But however, they use Peltier effects that produce temperature difference that transfers heat between electric junctions.

Power voltage is transmitted through a series of conductors that allow heat to be transferred from one conductor to another. The thermoelectric coolers work by plugging the cord to a power source and you can still get your drinks cold even after been unplugged for hours.

The electric coolers have more advantages as they are portable, require less power, and have more accurate motor cooling and these features combine to give the electric chest an unfair advantage.

But as we all know, there is hardly anything like ‘perfect’ as the electric coolers are with its own little faults as they are highly more expensive than the traditional options and are almost the price of normal refrigerators.

Another setback with the electric coolers is that most of their plugs can easily get burnt. Considering the fact that the 12V coolers are still new to the market, there are only a few brands to have created a perfect version of the new technology. Below, we specially recommend two brands that have stood out among the many mediocre brands flooding the market.

Engel Marine Fridge Freezer

Engel Marine Fridge Freezer
Engel Marine Fridge Freezer

Well known for their though rotomoulded coolers and their excellence extended to the electric coolers. Impressively, Engel Marine is not only pushing electric coolers, but they have also added solar functionalities as well.

The Engel marine-grade features the Engle swing motor and has a 100% CFC-free compressor allowing for efficient and quiet performance.  There’s no doubt that this is a perfect cooler for the beach especially in the hot summer sun where there’s an urge to consume a lot of cold drinks to stay hydrated and healthy.


Coleman 40QT Cooler

coleman 40qt cooler
Coleman 40qt cooler

This brand comes with a tray shelf to keep your foods and drinks organized. You can use regular ice, dry ice or ice pack. The Coleman comes in different sizes and shapes but the 40qt is portable to fit into the back of your car without stress. If serves as a mini-fridge you can easily carry about, can hold up to 44 cans of soda.

The only disadvantage is that the AC adapter is sold separately and may actually cost you more than what you had budgeted.



Despite its relatively high cost, the electric coolers are no doubt the future of coolers as their dope features show that they are really worth the prices placed on them. It’s only a matter of time before they replace rotomoulded coolers, and that will in no doubt be in the near future

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